The Best Cat Diabetes Treatment Options

cat diabetes treatmentCat diabetes is an ailment that is now said to be affecting approximately one in 400 cats world over, and still growing, seems to be one of the reasons most cat owners are having sleepless nights. Fortunately though there are proved ways of helping your diabetic cat survive such a traumatic experience and lead a normal life. Here is detailed and clear insight into some of the common causes of the disease and some of the best cat diabetes treatment solutions that you should consider in giving back your cat that much needed normal lifestyle.

The first widely known symptom expected to be displayed by a cut that is suffering from diabetes is drinking and consequently urinating more often than it normally does. If your observe this weird behavioral change coupled with other cat diabetes symptoms such as noticeable leg weaknesses especially on the rear legs, and sudden weight loss, then you need to consider  contacting a pet vet to conduct the necessary blood and urine diabetes tests on your cat. In fact, this is extremely important because if the diabetes is detected in its earlier stages then it can be easily combated. Otherwise if you don’t take an initiative of confirming whether your cat is really sick or not, it might become really sick and develop a very serious condition called Ketoacidosis that usually requires an immediate professional pet vet’s input.

Cats diabetes is caused by the pancreas’ inability to produce enough insulin that will enable the cat to utilize its blood glucose. The inability to utilize glucose (sugar) causes an accumulation of sugar in the body leading to high blood sugar levels. Studies, have, however, revealed that some cats are genetically predisposed to the risk of becoming diabetic at some point in their lives. Apart from that, another disturbing trend about cat diabetes is the fact that obese cats that regularly feed on high carbohydrate dry foods are also susceptible to developing cancer.

The Best Cat Diabetes Treatment

If you suspect your cat is diabetic, ensure that you have it confirmed by a vet who will conduct the necessary two tests before advising on the next course of action. A diabetes diagnosis doesn’t mean a death sentence for your favorite cat though; a trained vet will obviously train you how to give your pet cat insulin injections that will make him survive the nightmare.

The insulin injections are not actually painful or too noticeable to hurt your pet. The very vital thing to bear in mind is that the correct type of insulin injection is supposed to be prescribed by a vet. It’s also a vet’s role to give you the right dosage and of course the frequency of administration so as to avoid overdosing your cat because an overdose can turn out to be fatal and life-threatening. As a matter of fact you ought to do some basic research about cat diabetes treatment in order to be able to ask about the necessity of using certain brands of insulin like Glargine which could be the suitable brand for your cat. Moreover, an experienced pet veterinarian will definitely give you advice on how to alter your cat’s diet which will slowly help the cat come off the insulin therapy.

If your cat experiences low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) symptoms characterized by trembling and seizures you ought to give it a sugar boost even before contacting a vet. This basically means that you ought to keep a close eye on your cat at all times and check out for some of these cat diabetes symptoms periodically, so as to make certain the cat is free of diabetes.

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